Psychological and social support for Persian-American communities in New York



The Persian-American and Persian speaking communities in New York are glad to announce the initial plans of opening a social service and counseling office that has Farsi, Dari, and Tajiki language speakers.  One World Counseling, an office based in Brooklyn and headed by Dmitri Oster, will have professional social workers, psychiatrists, and substance abuse counselors who are dedicated to being able to help our community members with psychological, alcohol and drug problems, as well as family and cultural adjustment issues.

one world

They are planning to begin working within the next few months and will be able to accept many patients into their care and work with other medical and community offices. One World Counseling staff has already established many good relationships with members of our Persian-American diaspora and will continue to offer their services to our developing and rich community. It will be to our mutual benefits as the Persian community grows their professional connections to each other and finds support from those that can best be of assistance to us and offer us professional support to help achieve a healthy lifestyle.

We stand behind One World Counseling in our support of their mission to make our neighborhoods healthier, safer, and able to continue to develop in positive directions for our families, future and collective well-being.