Welcome to the NY Persian Cultural Center

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New York Persian Cultural Center, also in business as New York Persian Center, is a house of brands. NYPC (in short) is an enlarged community based organization that connects Persians (Iranians, Afghans and Tajiks) and New Yorkers. As foundation, we provide language classes, cooking and dancing workshops and events. Through our events, we create unique experiences for New Yorkers based on Persian cultures such as dance parties, outdoor games or movie screenings.


Our logo simply contains four colors: New York’s blue and orange and the two colors that all three flags of Persian countries share, green and red.


Although we are located in New York but our customers have been from variety of places such as Czech Republic, Russia, Iran and etc. In addition to this, we are the first and only official and licensed tour guide in Farsi and our clients are from all around the world.


We are unable to welcome walk-ins but we would love to meet you by setting an appointment. Our address is:

New York Persian Center, C/O WeWork          

222 Broadway, 19th Floor           

New York, NY 10038

To schedule, call us at (207) 613-6972 (NYPC).


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