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Solmaz Sharif, Co-Founder and CEO of NYPC.

New York Persian Cultural Center is founded by Solmaz Sharif, an Iranian-American journalist. She has been living in NYC since 2007 and she started NYPC to introduce her region’s culture to fellow New Yorker. Email: solmaz@


Roozbeh Mirebrahimi, Co-Founder, COO and CFO of NYPC. He is a journalist who has served as a reporter, editor, editor-in-chief and writer for multiple print and online publications in Iran and the United States. As an analyst and Iranian expert, he has often been quoted or featured by New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN, Voice of America and other media sources. In addition to his journalistic background, he is also a researcher that was published several books. Roozbeh is also a licensed NY Tour Guide that speaks Persian and wrote the only NYC Tourism Guide for Persian speaker.

Email: roozbeh@


Zina AlDamlouji, Program Development Coordinator of NYPC.

Email: zina@


  • This may be a bit unusual, but please indulge me a moment. We are Donna Grossman Casting in Manhattan.

    We cast people for media and are searching for Babies and their moms who are Persian. The advertising is for SIMILAC baby formula and the advertisements will be shown in Persia and other Mid East countries. This is why we need authentically Persian.

    Do you know of anyone you could connect or pass this on to?

    If the baby is “hired” they will be paid for the photo shoot $250.00 and if they are used in the final advertising they will be paid $500.00.

    We are totally on the level.. just Google us or check our website.

    Thank you for your time, hopefully you know a mom or two in the community.

    Thank you,

    Paul Bernstein

    Donna Grossman Casting, Inc.
    Aqua Studios
    12 West 27th St. ,10th Floor
    New York, NY 10001

    Casting for Directors, Photographers and their Producers
    • Instagram • Facebook • Vimeo

  • Hello!

    I wanted to send along an invite because I thought this would be something that you and your readers/community would LOVE! Let me know if you have any questions.

    A Persian Feast with Chef Einat Admony

    Details Here:

  • We are seeking individuals that speak Farsi for a possible market research study.

    • Rachel Eliasi Kohan

      this sounds to serve a unique purpose in NYC metro. toward that end, I humbly commend you.
      please if at all possible, use the term Persian rather Farsi, or to use them synthetically. The term Farce in English means fake, untrue, and even the term Parce, means to divide, to break apart.. in all western language our language is named PERSIAN. the out of context use Farsi, precursor-ed with Persian native Iranian languages, is an indigenous name. it is only in the past decade or so, where Farsi has now been imported into English language.

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