Nowruz Ceremonies in Tajikistan

By Ferdous Azam – Translated from Persian

Nowruz has a special place among Tajik people as a historic Persian ceremony. Cities and provinces celebrate Nowruz colorfully and each place has its own tradition. We’ll explore some of them here.

Bychichak (Golgardani) – Flower roaming

It’s not wrong to say Tajik people start Nowruz celebrations a month early, around the end of February. The first tradition is Bychichak, also known as Golgardani. In this ceremony, kids give glad tidings about spring’s arrival; it used to be the adults’ job but  kids and young adults have replaced them these days. The flower roamers go to the mountains to pick flowers and bring them back to their cities and villages to announce the good news.

Atash parak (also known as Chaharshanbe soori) is another Nowruz celebration. People jump over three bonfires on the night of the first day of the new year and recite: “[let] your ruddiness [be] mine, my paleness yours,” as a way to purify all the sins and illness of the previous year.

Khane barari (spring cleaning)

Female members of a house move furniture outside in hope that, symbolically, the sun will give assent to the furniture to take it back inside. They throw out broken dishes and also fill pots with the spring rainwater. This is another symbolic wish for blessed nourishment in the upcoming year. …. 

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