NYC Tour guide in Persian

Welcome to NYPC’s sightseeing program for Persian/Farsi speakers (Iranians, Afghans and Tajiks). This is a city of neighborhoods and we focus on New York tours designed to show you what the Big Apple is made of. If you are interested in the history of Manhattan back to its roots as the Dutch settlement or just would like to see city attractions like Wall Street and the World Trade Center, book our tour.

Our tours are guided by a NYC’s licensed tour guide. Roozbeh is a native Iranian that has been living in NYC since 2006. He is also an award winner writer and journalist who has worked on NYC’s history.

We offer both public and private tours. (Note: All of our tours are in Persian/Farsi language.)

Public New York City Tours:

Tour with a group of 5-8 people.

$50/person, with group size capped at 5-8 people per tour for two hours and half. Perfect for group travelers! Additional hours are $15 per hour.

Private Tour Guides:

We offer one of the most flexible private tours of New York. Whether you represent a school, a business, or a large family, our private tours are perfect for any group visit. We can customize each tour based on your preferences. Private tours can be scheduled for anytime. Your tour can start from anywhere in the city, including your hotel or other accommodation.

Pre-fixed Private 3 Hour Tour – $180

We understand that our public group tours are not for everyone, or that maybe you and your party prefer a plan that focuses on your schedule and need. This package is for one to two people and you can add your kids or other family members to your package at an additional charge of $20 per person.

Our private tour allows more intimate and quality time with your loved one and a more dynamic atmosphere for pictures, questions and observation.

Additional hours are $50/hr.

A Day Long Private Tour:

We are also available for custom guided service for wherever in town you have in mind or have heard of. Our tour guide will be with you every step of the way from planning to the end of the tour.

Daily rate $430

Please contact us for other inquiries. Email: tour@


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The first and only NYC tourist guide in Farsi