Sean N.

7/31/2017: Although New York is no Los Angeles, still, how come it severely lacks an Iranian presence? I mean c’mon, this is New York City! I’m happy to report that Solmaz and Roozbeh, along with their instructors, are courageously spearheading this effort to right this wrong through promoting Persian culture, language and heritage via the NY Persian Cultural Center. As an Iranian-American, I’m grateful for their presence in this city.

I’ve taken Persian classes during the winter and spring semesters with Solmaz and Mina, respectively, and I couldn’t be happier with the experience. The flexibility on scheduling and one-on-one language learning puts the student in the spotlight, which was crucial for me and my busy life. The instructors start off with each semester on the right foot by asking you what your motivations and goals are for learning Persian. For example: I wanted to learn colloquial Persian, which can be vastly different from written (formal) Persian and so that’s what we focused on during class. As a beginner, both teachers were incredibly patient and used many different strategies to help me learn the language. And as a bonus, you’ll get to learn a little bit about Persian culture too!

Outside of the language classes, the center boasts other programs and events. Although I’ve yet to experience these personally, among them are: yoga sessions on Wednesdays, movie nights and Persian cooking classes.

Whatever your level or interest is in Persian and its culture, the format of instruction here will not only be custom-tailored to your needs but will challenge you as well. I would highly recommend this center to all! 

Lexie. S

8/16/2017: NYPC is incredible! I truly feel so lucky I found them. Javad is an incredible language teacher. I came in knowing absolutely nothing about Farsi and am already starting to feel confident in both talking and writing. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Hannah F.

6/13/2017: I have taken Farsi classes from the NY Persian Cultural Center for the last few months and have been so happy with the quality of instruction, flexibility on scheduling, and overall value. My class has been tailored to my needs and I would highly recommend it to others!

Simon C.

9/7/2016: Just finished my first course of lessons and have signed up for the second set.  Solmaz is a fantastic and patient teacher.  The one-on-one aspect is great and I appreciate how she is able to keep on track with the course objectives while also helping me out with my personal “projects” as we have time.  She even weaves those into the focus for the day’s lesson.  Sessions are 90 minutes, which is a perfect amount of time.  I feel like I can relax into the new material, but it’s not so much that I’m overwhelmed.  My Persian in-laws are very impressed with my progress.  They think I’m a fast learner.  Thanks, Solmaz!

Kay Hwa T.

7/30/2015: Salom! If you are thinking of taking Persian classes in NYC, this is the place to check out. Persian as a language is very rarely taught here and and besides going to NYU for language classes (Columbia is not teaching Persian anymore) you literally have no other options, so I was really glad that I found this online!

Rates are affordable (most classes are private and flexible with timing) and the teachers are good and patient at breaking down the grammar, the alphabet as well as introduce cultural aspects of learning the language. All of that translates well into their other programs such as Persian movie night and Persian cooking classes, which are a ton of fun even if you know nothing about the language and/or culture itself.

I truly hope this grows into something larger over the years, because given how diverse and multicultural NYC is, I am shocked that this is the only place that strives to provide an authentic Iranian experience to people from other cultural backgrounds such as myself. Even if you don’t want to learn a new language because you find it tedious, it’s NYC so get out here, make some new Iranian friends and learn something new about another side of the world. Expand your horizons!

Karima A.

8/23/2016: I have taken Dari/Farsi classes with Solmaz for a couple of months and during that time I have seen my skills grow more than with any other institute. Solmaz is a wonderful teacher and beautiful person. She has a great passion for helping others and sharing her knowledge.   She is wonderful at meeting you with where you are in the language. She uses many different strategies to help you as you are learning.  I plan on taking another semester!

Sherry B.

3/15/2016: This review is way overdue, but I’m sure it will still help people who are searching for this service. We had family visiting from Iran back in October and wished to visit NY.  Since we live in California and our family did not speak English they were hoping to find a Persian tour that will show them around once they arrive to New York.  I googled searched and I was supper happy to find New York Persian Cultural Center.  I called them to find out if they have such service or perhaps can help find such a service.  From the first phone call I made to the last emails I communicated with Solmaz, I can’t say enough about her politeness and her passion to run this cultural center.  She setup the appointment with Mr. Roozbeh to give our family a complete NY tour along with a Farsi your guide he had written himself.  Upon return from this trip I asked our family about how they liked their tour and the visit.  They were very happy and delighted to have met Mr. Roozebeh and they said he explained everything to them thoroughly.  The Farsi written tour guide was a great addition to the tour they got.  I want to thank both Solmaz and Mr. Roozbeh for their dedication to run this business.  Our family said everything was perfect except for the cost of the tour which was a little expensive specially for people who are visiting from Iran.  Other than that I will give them an A+ rating.

Craig S.

9/4/2015: I took Farsi language classes with Solmaz. She is extremely friendly and a pleasure to take classes from. I worked one on one with her and she did a great job of tailoring the class to meet my needs. I would recommend her to anyone looking to learn the language or learn more about the culture.

Paula L.

8/3/2017:To begin with, The New York Persian Center has the kindest staff that I have ever met. Their dedication to bringing the Persians in NYC together is very inspiring. They offer excellent a and unique language classes that really submerge you in the culture. Their events are always fun and they always offer incredible services. As soon as you meet Solmaz and Roozbeh you feel like you have known them forever. I HIGHLY recommend this place to anyone trying to learn Farsi or even trying to just become more involved with this beautiful culture.

Sepehr A.

8/3/2017:I had been looking for a very long time to find a place where I could buy a bow for the Persian musical instrument, Kamancheh, however, I had no luck.  When I contacted the New York Persian Cultural Center, they were more than willing to try to help me out, and eventually they found someone who had exactly what I was looking for.  Thank you again for all of the kindness and helpfulness!

Schima L.

3/13/2017: I have taken Farsi classes with Solmaz for the past two months and have signed up for another course for which I am super excited. Solmaz makes learning Farsi (seem) really easy and approchable, which translates into quick progress and confidence in applying the language outside the classroom. Regardless of your previous engagement with Farsi, Solmaz is very adept at gauging your level and tailoring classes around it with a great balance of reading, speaking, writing and grammar. I am a big fan of the one-on-one setting as it is flexible and ambitious, guaranteeing more and faster progress than in a group setting. Finally, Solmaz has a lively and positive personality, which makes learning with and from her very rewarding and enjoyable. Having said this, I recommend this place 100% — you will have a great experience!

Nicholas F.

9/13/2016: I took private lessons over the summer and Solmaz was great! She tailored the lesson plans and pace to the areas I wanted to learn. It’s expensive because it’s worth it, and with Solmaz you really get what you pay for. She will give you a great base in a couple months for you to expand on your own if you’re traveling to/marrying into/or just plain curious about Farsi/Dari culture. Thanks Solmaz!

Vahideh R.

8/1/2015: Last year, I was looking for a Persian Cultural Center in NYC and I found the NY Persian Cultural Center. I was surprised to realize that it was the only Iranian cultural center in the area. I was looking for a Persian Culinary Workshop to take my Persian class students and I had found exactly what I wanted. It was such an amazing experience for my students!!! They learnt how to make ‘zereshk polo baa morgh’, ‘kookoo sib zamini’, and ‘maast o khiyaar’ and they all fell in love with Persian cuisine!!! The students also had an opportunity to practice the vocabulary they had learnt in the class. In addition, the place has a lot of cultural items and you totally feel that you are at an Iranian home!

The most important part of the workshop is the happy and welcoming personality of the instructor, Solmaz. She is such a charismatic, hospitable and friendly lady who left an amazing  impression on my students. On our way back, my students kept talking about her and how great she is!

After lunch, she made us tea using ‘samaavar’, which is an important part of Iranian culture. My students had seen pictures of ‘samaavar’ and ‘qand’ (sugar cube) but being able to experience how Iranians make tea and how they drink tea was an unforgettable memory!!!

Since we had an amazing experience last year, I decided to take this summer’s students to the Culinary Workshop, as well. We had our workshop TODAY and everything was perfect. She made us feel at home and we enjoyed  the food, the atmosphere of the house, and her hospitality!!!

If you are looking for a taste of Iranian culture and cuisine, this is the place you should go to. Once you meet Solmaz and she teaches you how to cook, you will definitely go back to experience another great workshop and learn more from her!!!